(feat. Hawaii News Now with Keahi Tucker, Stephanie Lum and Guy Hagi)
(Keahi Tucker)
“A High Surf Warning is in effect for North and West shores.”


(Stephanie Lum)
“And it’s been created by a so-called Superstorm and for Hawaii the storm’s powerful winds are
generating huge waves!”


(Stephanie Lum)
“Well… let’s go to Guy at the Weather Center”


(Guy Hagi)
“And that’s why a High Surf Warning is posted for North and West shores,
It’s a life-threatening situation.
This is the kind of surf, that might wash upon to roads and could cause property damages along
affected coastlines…


(Guy Hagi)
How big? Well the National Weather Service is saying, North shores could get up to 20-30 feet, 15-
20 for the West Side.
Big enough though to run the big wave contest

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